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About StartUpAdz Group Referrals
Posted by StarUpAdz Admin on 02 November 2016 01:00 pm
   About StartUpAdz Group Referrals 
Every one of your referrals, as users, must have a unique email address.
 You must not send unsolicited emails or force anyone in any other way into becoming your referral. You also cannot use any service that attempts to sell you referrals. We will verify such incidents and they will result in account termination.
You can only rent referrals when they are available and within the limits of your current membership. Having more referrals than the allowed amount will result in the deactivation of the earnings from all referrals.
 The clicks made by your referrals will be credited to your account instantly if you have met the click requirements for the previous day.
 Number of referrals is limited based on the referrer's membership. The users can see the limit in the referrals listing page.

 You will receive money when your referrals click on all advertisements except for ads in the StartUpAdz ads section.
Auto recycles only recycles referrals that have not made a click since the date you rented them.
 The promotion of your referral link through a wix page is not allowed and can result in account termination.
 Fetch phantom referrals anyway, refback sites, script, program ... etc. displays your account to ban.
We reserve the right to ask members to promote through referral links only when we think promotions may be suspicious or we can not determine the quality of the traffic being sent.

As a member you should know that rented referrals, and direct referrals you have can change theirs behaviour any time and stop clicking for different reasons such as : reached 1st or 2nd payment and got borred, died his / her cat, plane accident, car accident, and others ...

As a member you should know that Rented Referral that become inactive can be anytime recycle with another one active

As a member you should know that you agree not to be compensated by the loss of any referrals referred or purchased by inactivity which they maybe either deleted or suspended by inactivity.

As a member you should know that you are never allowed to change your upline or your referral will "move" from your downline to another user.

As a member you should know that each membership have theirs direct / rented referral limit.

As a member you should know that you dont need to invest in rented referrals the money that you cannot afford to lose.

As a member you should know that you cannot rent referrals without a game plan.

As a member you should know that renting referrals isnt a get rich quick scheme.

As a member you should know that renting in a bulk without considerating the other points.