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Payment to Users
Posted by StarUpAdz Admin on 02 November 2016 12:59 pm
Payment to StartUpAdz Group.
All payments will be made From 10 Min To 48 Hours.
You can only request one payment at a time. You are not allowed to have multiple Paypal/Payza/Perfect Money/Payeer/Bitcoin accounts. Changing Paypal/Payza/Perfect Money/Payeer/Bitcoin account is prohibited (unless it is misspelled) in order to avoid possible hack/withdrawal actions.
You must have a correct and verified Paypal/Payza account in your own name. All payments will go directly to the user's email address and cannot be canceled or sent again. To have your payment sent by Paypal/Payza, make sure you are logged in from a country where Paypal/Payza allows members to receive money to their accounts.
We are responsible only for submitting your payment to the payment processor. Any action after that is to be handled by the payment processor's support.
Users must accept the payments made to their Paypal/Payza accounts in 30 calendar days or will have the payment canceled and it will not be refunded.
 The Members from Vietnam must have a paid membership to be able to receive a payment.

Minimum withdrawal limits vary by membership.
A fee (0.50$ + %10) will be deducted due to Paypal/Payza merchant services.
A fee (0.50$ + %5) will be deducted due to Payeer/Perfect Money merchant services.
A fee (0.50$ + %2) will be deducted due to Bitcoin merchant services.
The maximum withdraw per day is $10 to $200 depend on your membership
We usually send Payments it in less than one hour, however, in special cases (technical difficulties) it may take the maximum of 24 hours.
You can cashout from the same processor that you have the use for deposit.
Your payment processor account must be fully functional and have no limitations for investment and/or withdrawals. Investments from limited or frozen payment processor accounts will be automatically denied. Withdrawals to limited or frozen accounts will be denied and will not be refunded to your StartUpAdz’s main balance.
Member can not change his/her registered Paypal/Payza id upon getting limited by Paypal/Payza.
User's full name is required for the payment processing.
StartUpAdz may require verified accounts for certain members who we think have questionable account activity.
Paypal primary currency must to be in USD.