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Methods to maximize your earning with StartUpAdz:

1. Extend your referrals to a bigger period,extending them for a bigger period you benefit from discount applied for periods:

    • Extend referrals for 30 days and get a 5% discount
    • Extend referrals for 90 days and get a 15% discount
    • Extend referrals for 180 days and get a 30% discount
    • Extend referrals for 365 days and get a 40% discount

2. Use auto-pay function:

    When is good to have auto-pay enabled?
    • Use auto-pay if you just rented new referrals and do not intend to extend them for 90,180 or 365 days
    • You benefit of a 10% discount for referral extend

    Auto-pay is a method that pay for your referrals if they click. If your referral click today,he is auto-extended one day with "Main Balance"(0.0075 per referral).

3. Recycle inactive referrals:

    • You have to decide when is good to recycle a referral or not.
    • Here is an example for standard user:

    ◘ 1 referral did not clicked for 5 days and he have 25 days left
    ◘ if you recycle him now,you will have 25 days left to get profit
    ◘ if he click 25 days you will get 0.25$ back and you will lose 0.01$
    ◘ do not recycle a referral if he do not click for less than 5 days
    The auto-recycle is not working,so you will not get a new referral if he never click.
    The admin is still looking for a solution!

4. User your referral link to get more direct referrals:

    • The earning from direct referrals is pure profit and you do not have to do something to maximize your profit
    • Go here and see where you can find your referral link
    Use your referral link to advertise on other sites or give it to your friends to register as your direct referral.
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